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we already love you

because we are devoted to seeing the love that you truly are, beyond all concepts

and we want nothing more than to delight in your special gifts 

(we also have a lot of experience and know-how)

let us hold you whole


leila sadeghee

Leila is a healer, yoga and meditation teacher and mentor with nearly two decade’s experience in guiding people to physical, mental, and emotional freedom. She is an expert and fun-loving guide to the body in movement and yoga asana. She is gifted at creating evocative and uplifting rituals to mark the phases of life with love and power. She loves sharing the heart of the Tantric tradition, helping people wake up to true self worth, and offering life-changing daily practices to open the spiritual dimension of reality and enhance life radically.


heather umlah

Heather is a vibrantly creative chef, intuitive healer, and longtime spiritual practitioner. She is expert in the ways that food can transform and create a new paradigm of physical and mental well-being, enabling her clients and students to transform their lives at every level. She has worked with people from all walks of life, including celebrities, activists, artists, people battling major illness, new moms, and folks under great stress. She is known for the joy she takes in life, her deep-seated intuition, her dedication to her own healing process, and her great skill in sharing the benefits of her process and wisdom with others.


guest teachers


Debbie Beauchamp

family constellations

Debbie brings the power of her nurturing and compassionate presence to The Practices. She is a qualified person-centered therapist, systemic family constellations facilitator, couples counsellor and children’s play therapist. She is our highly skilled guide through the territory of emotional healing and unwinding traumas of the past with Family Constellations work.


Bridget Luff

intelligent rest and creative soulful teaching

Bridget Luff is an experienced teacher and eternal student of yoga and movement. With a background in performing and visual arts, she infuses her teaching with creativity and soul. She is a real teacher of teachers, and she brings the intelligent rest curriculum and other delights to The Practices’ offerings.


Nikki Slade

kirtan and chanting

Nikki is an author and recording artist and a master teacher or voice work and sacred singing. Chanting wit Nikki is a transformational experience and she brings the power of sacred song and mantra to The Practices.


Pip Waller

holistic anatomy and physiology

Pip is a playful and wise woman, and a master herbalist and plant spirit medicine healer who has been teaching anatomy at university level for 27 years. She authored the amazing anatomy/physiology text Holistic Anatomy, along with The Herbal Handbook for Home & Health and Deeply Holistic – A Guide to Intuitive Self-Care. Pip heads our Anatomy and Physiology curriculum.


Rikke Brodin

creative soulful teaching

Rikke is a soul-stirrer and truth speaker with a deep commitment to using the practices of yoga to feel more, to turn on our curiosity and our sensitivity for engaging with every part of this profoundly mysterious body-mind matrix, and help people fall in love with the whole spectrum of embodied aliveness. She teaches bang-up popular yoga classes in London and is an alumnus and a facilitator on our yoga teacher training.


Hala Khouri

trauma-informed yoga

Hala is a global leading educator in yoga, trauma, and social justice. A teacher for nearly 30 years, she is also a trauma psychotherapist and longtime activist. Hala is a co-founder of Off the Mat and Into the World, a non-profit organization dedicated to utilizing the tools of yoga and somatic practices within a justice framework to inspire people to be conscious leaders of change. She is working on her first book on yoga, trauma, and stress, and is completing her PhD in Community Psychology, Liberation Studies and Eco-psychology