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frequently asked questions


What kind of yoga do you teach? +

We are teaching intelligent ways into uplifting vinyasa flow yoga. Which means that we teach poses that are linked together through movement on the breath, and we teach students how to achieve optimal alignment and ease in the poses based on an understanding of the structures of the human body: connective tissue, joints and muscles - as well as moving from deeper structures like the organs, for example.

It’s deep and soulful vinyasa flow yoga asana, lit up by salient and inspiring themes.

We are all about helping you own your practice as a high self-care tool for you. So, we know that you are unique - as is every other body. How can you practice for YOUR body? This is a big question for us as facilitators.

We also share many other aspects of yoga practice including pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (those delicate hand gestures), mantra (the Sanskrit word prayers and chanting), and, of course, meditation. We also have a restorative yoga unit on the course, to help you learn to rest deeply. Which is like, way important for your wellbeing!

I can't make all the dates. Can I still do the course? +

If you are just doing the Immersion and not the Teacher Training, it's okay to miss a few days, or miss a half day, yes. There are certain commitments that are hard to get out of, we understand. However, we recommend that you attend as much of the course as you can, and there are certain days that we really won't want you to miss. Ultimately, we decide on a case by case basis, so feel free to drop us a line and we'll discuss.

If you are doing the Teacher Training, you have got to attend a minimum number of hours to get your accreditation. Anything you do miss has to be made up, and at your expense (we offer a discounted private lesson rate for catch-ups). Check in with us, let's make sure you'll get all the hours you need.

Can I just drop into one weekend of the Immersion or Teacher Training? +

We only accept people who are able to commit to attending the whole course. Every piece of information builds on the last piece, and it's just so important to participate in the whole thing to make the most of the amazing community that forms around the course. We offer Day Retreats and workshops in London and abroad, however, where we share some bits and pieces from the course, so feel free to sign up to the newsletter and we'll keep you posted on what's coming up.

Can't I just come for the yoga? Can't I just come for the food stuff? +

'Fraid not. It's all cumulative and interlinked networks of learning support a deep change - and that's what we are all about.

I don’t think I am experienced enough. I have only been doing yoga for a few weeks/months/years. I can’t do all the poses. I’m not flexible enough. +

We have welcomed beginners and seasoned teachers on the course. It doesn't matter what kind of body you have, or what kind of poses you can and can't do. This Immersion is about having time to figure out how to do your own best yoga to benefit YOUR body and YOUR life, not having to be or become someone you are not. If you want to 'advance your practice' and do more complex poses, we'll support you. If that idea scares you, don't worry! You'll be able to work at your own pace.

We're coming together to learn about this body/mind and deepen our capacity to really serve it, so that our whole life becomes first more manageable - and then more wonderful - and possibly ecstatically blissful. (Yes, that is a distinct possibility!) So forcing everyone into a mold, we think, is not in alignment with ecstasy and bliss. At all. (And it's not our bag anyway.) So, fear not. We’ll meet you where you are and help to get you where you want to be.

Do you offer anything for people who are not so into yoga? Deep self-care, meditation, diet - all this sounds great. But yoga is too much for me/not my thing/I can't do yoga because of my health... +

Currently there is a very strong emphasis on the physical yoga on the course. If you are drawn, let's connect and have a chat, and see if the yoga might be different from what you think, and therefore workable for you.

We are aware that there are people for whom the yoga we teach will not be a good fit, and are currently developing a deep self-care/wellbeing offering with the other features of the course, particularly the self-healing cookery aspect. If you sign up to our newsletter, we'll let you know where and how we'll be offering this.

I don't get it, is this a teacher training? Or a yoga course? Do I have to become a teacher? I don't know if I'm ready for that. +

You can just doi the first 100 hours for your own self care. OR, you can become a teacher by completing the Immersion and the further 100 hours of teacher training.

It's cool, you don't have to become a teacher to go deeper into your yoga practice. The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion is a stand-alone wellbeing course. We spend time covering the yoga poses, and how to practice the yoga asana (postures) with skill and ease. We also go into the diet and how we can more optimally nourish ourselves, we start a daily meditation practice in a supportive context (so it's harder to throw in the towel!), we look at the need for emotional healing and explore ways that we can get that healing, we dive into Tantric Yogic teachings and practices that light up life and allow us to see things from a wildly more expansive perspective. And more life-enhancement, just in the Immersion. The idea is that you can take the four 4-day weekends and have a life transformation - and walk with the tools steady in your hand to keep your life growing and opening up over time.

The Teacher Training portion of the course is optional. If you want to share your love of yoga and teach, join us for the next phase, and complete The Practices of Leadership and Empowerment Yoga Teacher Training. In total, that makes a 200 hour training.

I'm already a teacher, and I want to learn more. I'm drawn to this course, but will it be more of what I already know from my TT? +

We've had many yoga teachers on both the Immersion and the Teacher Training portion. If you are looking for a supportive environment and an opportunity to delve a little deeper, then we have found that what we share is fairly unique and has served teachers at different stages of their journey.

The best thing is to get in touch with us and schedule a chat. We can really look at your situation, at what you really need and desire, and go from there. If we don't think it's a match, we are always happy to refer you to other offerings, as we are very connected to both the UK and the international yoga community, and we like to keep in the know about all the amazing possibilities for study and support out there.

I am already a yoga teacher. I love what you guys are doing. Should I do the Immersion or the Teacher Training? Do I have to do all 200 hours? +

Feel free to consider attending one, the other, or both. We've even had a teacher who did them both - but Training first and Immersion after! Teachers who do the Immersion get a chance to practice a lot in a supportive environment, which is so lovely for teachers! They get a space for deeper self-reflection and healing. They also have raved about getting the deeper practices and support in the meditation and deeper philosophy side of things.

Teachers who come to the Training have had a chance to evolve the more inspirational side of their expression, and get really clear on how they want to teach, refine the bio-mechanics, find their voice in a more powerful way.... there's lots of support for taking the whole game to the next level. The TT is more working edges and evolution. The Immersion is more support and self-care.

Again, best that we have a chat and figure it out together. Reach out, let's make a time to talk. (link to consult call form)

What about insurance? +

No problem, we’ll help you find a good policy.

Emotional healing? What do you mean? +

In the Immersion, Debbie Beauchamp offers a day's workshop where we explore issues that are holding us back. It's a day that everyone has raved about, and found very powerful and interesting - and transformational.

If this sounds weird or scary to you, we can fill you in on this in more detail, just let us know.

We also refer our students to therapists and modalities that we think may help with what's going on for them. Sometimes deeper support is really necessary. During the course we hold discussions about the healing modalities that are out there, and discuss our experiences of the value of these practices, so if you have been considering some private work, you'll have a better idea of what's out there.