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freedom & wellbeing

so much fun, and rich with sacredness, wonder, laughter, and truth

it's an invitation to immerse into all aspects of spiritual self-care

a deep dive into yoga and vinyasa, the way of sacred nourishment, meditation, and self-healing

a call to an eclectic group of seekers who are ready to become finders

to join together for a journey to open the heart, delight the senses, and awaken together


Our signature course

is a compendium of highly intelligent and real-life salient practices from the yoga tradition and other wisdom schools, shared with great love, by expert and magical teachers, with the aim of giving you a complete up-shift in your way of daily living. We share from the Shaiva Tantra tradition truly illuminating practices to support a daily meditation practice that will ignite stability and clarity within you. It's a lively and intelligent look at yoga poses and vinyasa flow practice so you can really make your yoga medicine for YOU. It's a whole new vision of how to nourish yourself with food that truly serves you, rest that actually nurtures your life's process, and friendship that meets you at your growth edge of spirit with no agenda and complete respect. Supportive community is with you every step of the way.

March 5 - 8 | March 26 - 29| April 16 - 19| May 14 - 17

2020 is open for applications


you will learn

Non-dogmatic, well-considered and insight-oriented ways into the means and goals of yoga practice

Intelligent bio-mechanics and embodiment tools  for yoga and vinyasa so you can practice with smarts and soul for YOU and not who you think you should be

Powerful dietary habits and kitchen practices that suit your unique body and lifestyle

Knowledge of superfoods, adaptogens, and the energetic properties of food to give you perspective on dietary fads, and transform your relationship with food

Deeper practices of yoga from a Tantric perspective (Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama, Nyasa) to empower and strengthen you to the core

Daily meditation practice so you can enjoy clarity of mind, access your creativity and resource yourself in the infinite

A community of like-minded soulful people to work alongside for fun and mutual support

Tools to transform the negative recurring patterns of life

Intelligent rest practices to re-set your nervous system and nurture your on-going creative expression in the world

The Tantric worldview and Tantric practices for expanding awareness and life enhancement


Book a consultation call with Leila

Leila can provide any details you want to hear about and help you figure out if this is the course for you. All your questions answered, please reach out.


upcoming events

It's not just the immersive courses - we also offer day retreats, mini urban retreats called 'infusions', workshops, free taster sessions, and workshops... have a look at what's cooking:


Free taster sessions

Come and meet Heather and Leila for a soulful practices gathering. We’ll offer you some inspiring nourishment in the way of guided meditation, inspiration for empowered living, and something yummy to eat. We’ll also be available to answer your questions and give you support in your decision. At a private home in central London.

Friday, October 11, 2019, 7.30 am before-work morning session


The Practices of freedom + wellbeing: meditation and flow yoga day retreat

Kick-start 2020 with a potent, luscious day of spiritual self-care including asana, meditation, joyful eating, mantra, mudras, and dialogue. This is a fantastic re-set for the new year, a supreme de-stress and up-shift packed with super useful strategies for forming empowering habits.

25 January 2020, triyoga Soho, 10:00 - 17:00, booking available soon.