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Join us for a thoroughly magical journey.

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a yoga & healing foods retreat

Join Leila and Heather for a heart-expanding and deeply educational journey to the heart of devotional South India.

Set in a cosy and peaceful yoga retreat centre, located just outside of the enchanted village of Tiruvanamalai, this is a retreat to take your nourishment practices to a whole new level.

Daily meditation, subtle body enhancements, and uplifting yoga practice is only one part of this magical equation. Each day includes cooking and food preparation classes with master healing foods chef Heather Umlah, allowing you to reach a new depth of intelligence, pleasure, and sensitivity for yourself with food.  We'll visit the local markets, and learn from the in-house Ayurvedic doctor about the benefits of local ingredients, and you’ll take these healing substances back with you - but you’ll also learn in depth about the energetics of food so that you can utilise the underlying principles in choosing ingredients you can find in your own locale - igniting a new level of kitchen self-care when you get home.

Further, we'll also dive deep into the mind-melding local practices of devotion and temple worship that make Tiruvanammalai such an extraordinary place to spend time. Ancient practices are alive and well in this exquisite pilgrimage site, and you'll receive soulful guidance from Leila in how to integrate these experiences for your own healing benefit, and to heighten your intuitive yogic prowess.

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This splendid retreat includes:

  • All vegetarian home-cooked delicious meals and cosy accommodation at the Ashok Tree Retreat Centre

  • Daily cooking lessons including theory and practice in a teaching kitchen with Heather each day

  • ‘Spice Shaman’ training in spice blending for body/life harmony, and the energetic properties of foods

  • Training in what to create to manage and shift emotional and physical states with cookery and food

  • Specific recipes for healing home-cooking magic

  • Daily soulful yoga and meditation practice sessions with Leila

  • Instruction in super potent ancillary practices, including mantra, to amplify the effects of your yoga

  • Support in integration and working with high frequency spiritual sites

  • Guidance in engaging fully in spiritual pilgrimage and making it your own

  • Trip to the local temples with guides

  • Trip to the local food markets

  • Hike up the sacred mountain Arunachala - epic -

  • Trip to the Ramana Maharshi Ashram - powerful vibes -

  • Optional (very fun) Sari-purchasing trip with Leila

  • Optional trip to Chidambaram, to the largest (and most potent) Shiva temple complex in the world

  • Optional trips into Tiruvanamalai for your own worship and delight

This is a trip to bring a whole new meaning to nourishing your soul. We can't wait to be with you.

Standard double: £825 ** Deluxe Double: £950 ** Single £1,100