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Transform the highs and lows of your life journey into the wild poetry of your yoga classes

(and everything you do)

get to know the medicine you have come here to give, know how beautiful it is, 

stand alongside other leaders and fearlessly, together, hear the majesty of your own voice

and step into your empowerment with love and grace and presence


200 Hr London Yoga Teacher Training

This 200 hour YA registered yoga and vinyasa flow teacher training is for intelligent, creative, and loving souls who are ready to step into a life of high spirit, great service, and inspired leadership. First we dive into profound and effective self-care practices, refining your personal yoga practice, starting daily meditation, eating for optimal health, Tantric yogic philosophy, deep self-inquiry and self-healing, and more. Then we zero in on teaching, space holding, and sharing authentically with skill and potency. Our medicinal teaching methodology both gives you an easy to use basis for crafting highly effective and soulful classes with theme and physical body intelligence, but it also supports you in understanding how to make even the most light-hearted class into healing medicine for your students. This is a boutique yoga teacher training - we take only 20 students per year, and offer highly personalised mentoring and support through the process. Our approach is non-dogmatic, bio-individual, and based on the understanding that you each have your own medicine to bring to the world, that only you can bring... and that teaching yoga is all about serving the highest development of our students, in every aspect of their lives.

March 5-8 | March 26-29 | April 16-19 | May 14-17 September 23-27 | October 21-25 | November 25-28 | December 12-13

Our 2020 London yoga teacher training is open for applications.


Book a consultation call with Leila

It’s great to read about us but choosing a teacher training is a big decision and a very personal one.  Book some time to ask your questions, and have a good chat about your values and what you are looking for. Leila is pretty good at helping people figure out if this is the right fit.


our curriculum includes

Inspirational theming to keep your teaching real, relatable, and uplifting

Elemental medicinal teaching methodology to craft highly salient, deeply impactful classes

The ins and outs of vinyasa from a whole body perspective

How to stand for your own worth

Giving inspired and clear instructions to your students

Know how to work with common injuries and imbalances

Teaching  beginners to give them tools for a lifetime of wellness

Crafting your offerings from a clear personal teaching (and life) mission

Understanding bio-mechanics, anatomy, and intelligent sequencing for yoga practice

Creating a powerful energetic temple space in every yoga room

The life-affirming Tantric worldview

The deeper teachings of yoga (meditation, mantra, deities, awareness practices) in a supportive community

Cultivate community around your teaching

Discover your authentic voice

Uphold cutting edge ethics for the future yoga culture

Deepen your personal presence and anchor in the present moment

Build a sustainable, juicy yoga business with a model that works for you