"This is the single most powerful and transformative experience I have ever signed up to and it’s one t hat just keeps giving. I am forever grateful to my wise and wondrous teachers and can’t recommend it enough. Let go of whatever is holding you back and get involved. You’ll be so very pleased that you did." 
Collette , Writer

"I have experienced a very natural shif t in my awareness of how I relate to others, to situations as they arise, to the food that nourishes me and of how to access the abundance within."
Katie, Architect

"You will leave this course with a stronger body, a clearer mind, and a deepened understanding of your true self, and will be given the to ols to continue to deepen your practice on and of f the mat, to live a life full of meaning and joy."
Brian, Finance

"As someone at the very start of her yoga explorations I joined the immersion to deepen my understanding of the asanas, and I got that and so much more. The community that grew was beautiful and nourishing and having a sacred space to retreat to in the centre of London was an incredible gift (and one that keeps on giving!). Bridget and Leila poured their hearts into our 100 hours together and it showed. There was no artifice, no competitiveness, no bullshit. Just pure LOVE."
Susannah, author & photographer

"This immersion was a profoundly transformational experience. I am now better equipped to face the challenges of my life with a greater sense of lightness and empowerment, and my meditation practice which used to be fleeting is now a steady and deeply rooted daily ritual. With these practices in my consciousness' toolbox I will continue my journey towards limitless growth."
Rikke, actor and yoga teacher.


"The immersion was life and yoga practice changing for me. The strength, generosity, and open-heartedness of the teachers, assistants, and other immersionees was an unbelievable support and inspiration through a time of great transition in my life. My practice and teaching gathered a new energy, knowledge, and heart and now rather than keeping yoga as a little, secret pocket that I retreat to, it is in all of me and everything I do. Thank you to all involved for this wonderful gift :)"
Zenia, yoga teacher


" This immersion has been a beautiful experience, from the beginning to the end. We met & made many friends..from all different backgrounds...such a rich experience. Each weekend we discovered more truthfulness in each of us, through the amazing teaching we received. We loved having two experienced teachers, Leila Sadeghee and Bridget Luff, sharing beautiful knowledge on Tantra and The Bhagavad Gita! It's been a great help learning our bodies through the yoga too. We even had the chance to taste the colourful and tasteful food of Chef Heather Umlah, learning more on the benefits of nourishing ourselves well. Some words to sum it up would be : Love - Truth - Heaven "
Lucy, Entrepreneur.